Incorporation Company Vietnam

dang-ky-dau-tuIncorporation company vietnam is time consuming, though Nguyen Tran and Partners Law firm will normally complete the tasks within ten weeks. It is not necessary for our clients to visit Vietnam to complete Incorporation company vietnam, as our local staffs do the groundwork. Despite the restrictive regulatory environment in Vietnam, our transparent, logical procedures typically ensure that Incorporation company vietnam is as smooth as it can be for our clients. Incorporation company vietnam normally evolves as follows:

Our client and Nguyen Tran and Partners Law firm agree the legal, tax and accounting implications of Incorporation company vietnam.

Our client and Nguyen Tran and Partners Law firmagree the company name and the optimum corporate structure, including shareholders and directors.

Nguyen Tran and Partners Law firm  prepares Incorporation company vietnam documents for our client’s signature and return to us.

Nguyen Tran and Partners Law firm liaises with the Vietnam Department of Planning and Investment, the relevant provincial tax department and the Department of Public Security and applies for a business registration certificate and company seal on behalf of our client.

We  registers our client’s company for a tax code.

We liaises with the Vietnam Registrar of companies and completes Incorporation company vietnam on your behalf.

Nguyen Tran and Partners Law firm provides our client with a complete company kit including:

  1. i) Original Certificate of Incorporation
  2. ii) A bound copy of a Government approved Memorandum & Articles

iii) Original share certificates and I

  1. iv) An original Government receipt as evidence of payment of annual Incorporation companyvietnamand license fees.

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