Investment Consulting

to capture investment and business opportunities that exist in today's rapidly increasing business climate in Vietnam. To increase the chance of success for clients, we offer unique, complex, innovative and cost-effective consulting solutions to clients, by bringing them better understanding of investment and business opportunities and risks, linking commercial issues to their business objective and assisting them in carrying out their business strategies. Nguyen Tran and Partners Law firm comprehensive legal understanding of the international business environment in Vietnam, we can supply clients with fundamentally beneficial legal advice in areas of foreign investments. Whether it is setting up a 100% foreign invested or joint venture enterprise, joint stock company, representative office, or finding partnerships, settling negotiations and Review and drafting of legal documents, Nguyen Tran and Partners Law firm strength lies in the attention to the specific demands of ... read more »

Setup Company

Establishment and administration of a new company, including any branches, representative offices and associations is one of the core services of the Firm’s practice. Nguyen Tran and Partners Law firm counsel on all legal aspects and assist investors in the completion of all necessary procedures and the obtaining of all required licenses for the establishment and operation of their companies, branches and representative offices both in Vietnamand in other countries. If you are forming a new company, you will benefit from our corporate services including: Selection of Form of Company: Offering advice on appropriate forms of company with analyses on the advantages and disadvantages of each form to facilitate investors’ choice of form; Offering advice on ways to satisfy the statutory conditions for engaging in conditional business sectors either before or after obtaining the Business Registration; Offering advice on all aspects related to representative offices, branches ... read more »

Foreigners Services

Work permit in vietnam Work Permits in Vietnam: All visas, from tourist to business, need to be applied for before arriving in Vietnam. Some employers are able to arrange for your visa to be presented to you upon arrival at one of Vietnam’s international airports. Employers will usually sponsor your visa. So what do you need to get the work permit? In order to get a work permit in Vietnam, you need to have 3 things: 1. Work contract. 2. Support to from your employer to get the work permit. 3. University degree, higher degree, professional skills certificate OR 5- year experiences working in the same major. Paper work required to apply work permit From employee: 1. Work permit application form (following a provided template) 2. Work permission application letter (following a provided template) 3. Criminal record: If you have stayed in Vietnam for more than 6 months, you will have to get the criminal record that is issued by the Judiciary Department ... read more »

Corporate lawyer

Vietnam company formation Conditions Vietnam company formation: Offering up to date advice on policies, the road map of implementation of Vietnam’s WTO commitments and market conditions in areas open to foreign investment in general and/or in investor’s specific business sector(s) with detailed analyses on advantages and disadvantages of various scenarios; Advising on the possibility of obtaining an Investment Certificate for the specific project of a prospective investor in Vietnam with analyses on technical barriers and conditions by laws and consideration of possible changes necessary to have the project accepted by Vietnamese Authorities; Advising prospective investors on the appropriate forms of direct and indirect investment available under the laws of Vietnam with comparison of advantages and disadvantages of each form of investment to simplify the investor’s choice. Document Drafting and Negotiations: Offering detailed advice on procedures and documents ... read more »

Consultant lawyer

Our Practice Being the team members having profound experience in investment and commercial transactions, we have been involved in many types of business transaction serving for wide ranging clients comprising inter+nationalities groups, foreign owned enterprises and private companies or individuals. These investments and commercial businesses which have been advised by us include: + Arbitration and court proceedings + All matter relating to employment, termination of employment contract, labor law and regulation on company’s operations and dispute conciliation and settlement + Technology transfer, technical and information assistance and licensing agreement for patent, trademarks and know how. Trademark and patent attorney. + Litigation on disputes of trademark; patent and design + Establishment of representative offices. + Establishment of joint venture enterprise and wholly foreign read more »


Nguyen Tran and Partners Law firm have the ability to assist clients in resolving their disputes. We have a close ties as well as thorough working knowledge of the court system in Vietnam. While we aggressively pursue every case that we undertake, we will seek for negotiation and out-of-court settlement with a view to obtaining the most favourable results for clients at a cost-effective way. Any litigation comes only after other options have been explored and exhausted and as long as it would further the overall interest and end-goal of our client. read more »