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nhadatOur Practice

Being the team members having profound experience in investment and commercial transactions, we have been involved in many types of business transaction serving for wide ranging clients comprising inter+nationalities groups, foreign owned enterprises and private companies or individuals. These investments and commercial businesses which have been advised by us include:

+ Arbitration and court proceedings

+ All matter relating to employment, termination of employment contract, labor law and regulation on company’s operations and dispute conciliation and settlement

+ Technology transfer, technical and information assistance and licensing agreement for patent, trademarks and know how.

+ Trademark and patent attorney.

+ Litigation on disputes of trademark; patent and design

+ Establishment of representative offices.

+ Establishment of joint venture enterprise and wholly foreign enterprise invested in business fields regulated by the Vietnam’s Commitments to WTO.

+ Business cooperation arrangement

+ Negotiation and draft of agreement and documents relating to EPC contract.

+ Distributionship and agency arrangements

+ Banking and financial arrangement

+ Establishment of representative office of foreign bank, branch of foreign bank and preparation of documents for establishment of foreign bank and local bank in Vietnam.

+ Taxation

+ Foreign contractor and registration of foreign contractor’s business in Vietnam

+ Mergers and acquisitions

+ Sale of company and business, assets

+ Conduct due diligence exercises and due diligence reports

+ Real estate projects; transfer of land use right and land rental and construction

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